Bio (ENG)


Gisella Cozzo, born and bred in Melbourne, of Italian origin, nurtures an immense passion for singing at an early age. Her enthusiasm for drama , singing and song- writing continues throughout all of her high-school years . In Australia, her talent and bright colours shine, when she wins the Grand Final of one Australia’s most famous talent shows, YOUNG TALENT TIME”. After this important victory, at the age of sixteen she tours with major Italian and Australian artists as a support act , all around the country. International artsits such as Eros ramazzotti, Toto Cutugno, Marcella Bella ,Cristian, Pupo, Fiordaliso, Mario Merola , Luciano Tajoli and many others

Gisella then has the opportunity to go to London, the ‘heart’ of International music and then to Italy, where Gisella continued to develop her song-writing, and learns to approach the International music biz . She works with important Italian artists like Jovanotti, Gianluca Grignani,Caterina Caselli, Rosalinda Celentano, Fred Bongusto, Albano, Anna Oxa, I Neri per Caso, Cristian, I Pooh and many others, touring and writing songs for some artists as well. In the meantime she broadens her musical knowledge by studying piano and solfeggio. She graduates and receives her diploma in musical Theory and Solfeggio at the Conservatorium of Music in Milan.

In the “Bel Paese” as they say in Italy, the ‘beautiful country’, Gisella begins and starts off numerous collaborations with many artists on tour and in the recording field, as a singer and song-writer. She participates in various Euro- Song festivals in Romania and Bulgaria and is awarded the “Golden Orpheus” for “Best interpretation” .She participated also in various talent shows –Festival Italiano and was finalist at the “Castro-Caro Festival”. This contest has given tremendous recognition to artists such as Laura Pausini, Zucchero, Nek, Eros Ramazzotti ; only to name a few. Thanks to Gisella’s creative song writing she is awarded a Musical scholarship at the CET, in Tuscany, (The Mogol school of Arts), as could be called founded by one of Italy’s best-renowned song-writers, Giulio Rapetti (Mogol).She gets to work with important producers from the Italian panorama

Milan opened many remarkable doors for her career; her recording career begins in 88’ and her debut single ”Get up” is awarded ‘1st prize’ at the “Rino Gaetano” Festival “NEW GENERATION 88’”. Her new album is published in 91’ entitled with stage name ,“GISA” all songs entirely in English by Gisella herself. She begins signing up with various Dance labels such as Self, Time, Emi and Sony Music and writes and performs various hits in the italo-dance scene..

Gisella then records and producers two albums for children, “Kids Christmas Favourites” and “Traditional nursery rhymes” on the Italian ’Duck Record’ label, internationally renowned for children’s music!

In the ninety’s Gisella is launched into another field, the magical world of TV. Ads and jingles and becomes the most important session ‘singer’ and voice, of many National and International publicity campaigns. She was even asked to record many times in London especially for the “Levis” Dockers Ad, an Italian classic, ‘tu vuo’ fa’ l’americano’ in English, originally sung by Sofia Loren in Italian and released a single worldwide. She’s known in Italy as the ‘Queen of Jingles’!

But one of the most famous, let’s say ‘evergreen’ ads which have become a real classic, an icon for TV Ads and for the Italian viewers at home is “Joy (I feel good, I feel fine)”, written and sung by Gisella. This year, 2015 Joy the famous theme song will hcelebrate its 20th Anniversary back on air ,to commemorate 60 years of its birth, the making of the famous product ‘Coppa del nonno’ the ice-cream.

This gave her the popularity and recognition that she deserved; licenses in Belgium for BLUE ATTACK records & in Italy for DV Factory and released on various compilations. This remix “Joy”, under the name GISELLA, available on Itunes around the world.

Other Tv Ads include Coca cola, Nutella, Ford, Twinnings, Mercedes, and recently for “Enel” an electrical Italian firm, the song “Power to the people”, a Beatles’ classic, was chosen to be performed by Gisella , by Mrs Yoko Ono herself.

Gisella begins to work with great film score-writers and sings for great successful films such as “L’ultimo Capodanno” di Marco Risi, with an acclaimed cast including, Monica Bellucci and for the ‘musical’ film, “A time for dancing” directed by Peter Gilbert. Has also co-written and performed the theme song, “Living Alone Again” for the film, “Torno a vivere da solo”, an Italian comedy, directed by the popular comic/actor Jerry Cala’.

On April 27th, 2010 ”THIS IS ME” Gisella Cozzo‘s new album was released in Italy, distributed by Universal Music Group . Distributed also in Australia be Colossal records for her 2011 Tour back home In Oz.

“ THIS IS ME”,12 tracks, including Joy(I feel good, I feel fine) the theme song of an ice-cream Ad, (Motta).The whole album is entirely written in English except for a couple of songs in Italian; such as Il Girotondo and GOOD MORNING HAPPINESS, a sweet reminder of her Italian origins, co-written with Laura Pausini, Italy’s most famous and Internationally respected artists. A video-clip has been released and distributed, for the single “DON’T TELL ME LIES”.

Gisella is now ready for the release of her new and upcoming album-DOUBLE available on iTunes and in all major digital music stores from the 27th of February, 2015. A selection of famous worldwide hits re-arranged and performed in ‘double’ lingo, with the addition of two original tracks and an exceptional interpretation of Caruso, a tribute to Lucio Dalla.

International songs like Can’t take my eyes off of you, Quando Quando Quando, Gloria, You’re my world , only to name a few. Gisella has also included a cover version of one of her favourite track, ‘What about me’ originally sung by the Australian rock band, Moving Pictures. Double , is a mixture of cultures and international influences revealing Gisella’s not only Australian ’ true-blue’ origins but European background . Gisella authentically brings a touch and charm of English and Italian culture put together in music….in DOUBLE.

A video-clip has been released for the first single of the album the English remake of Tony Renis’s hit, “Quando Quando Quando ” and has been filmed at a magnificent location, the historical and medieval castel, CastelBrando in Treviso, in northern Italy. In this video, the atmosphere of the 50’s and the Italian renowned ‘Dolce Vita’ Style , is recaptured and relived with class and with a touch and taste of Italy….”La bella Italia”.

In July Gisella has promoted the album in Australia with great radio and press coverage.

October 2015 Gisell’a is now ready to begin and release her second single “Per Ricominciare” ,the italian version of Franky Vallie’s 67’ international success, ”Can’t take my eyes off of you”.

A four episode web-series on Gisella’s Youtube Channel created and presented by Gisella.
She’ll be interviewing some great musicians,producers,friends and creative artists whomshe’s had the pleasure to work with in these years. Singing her Ads,telling their stories and describing some of the memorable Advertising campaigns still shown today on Italian television and which have become ‘commercial’ evergreens in the Italian Advertising Biz!